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  • Living in the Land of Smiles

    My name is Phillip. I am 58 years old this year and a retiree. Having worked for more than two thirds of my life, there is nothing I would like better than to spend the rest of my days living in relative comfort and peace. Of late, I have been thinking of relocating to Thailand to enjoy my days of retirement. What’s not to love? The slow pace of life, the good food, and most importantly, a good exchange rate which will enable me to maximise my retirement funds rather luxuriously.

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  • Importance of the Mandarin Language

    Let’s just say my husband has a love-hate relationship with my Mandarin skills and I. He loves me, he hates my bad command of the language. He said, She said. Coming from a Chinese-speaking family, he firmly believed that it was ingrained in every Chinese person’s genetic structure to be able to speak and write the language to a decent degree, with great ease. Our conversations on the topic were somewhat like this.

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